Butch Femme

When You Go…so hard


The candle flickers  with each breath,

nails drag down the picture  in my mind,

that walk and talk,  what your eyes said,

I turn to sand when I feel  that stone grind,

My lips are moving  but the walls don’t answer,

with a flick of that wrist  there’s a twist, 

my hips are loosened  but you’re my only dancer,

and there in the mist are the only lips I want to kiss,

The air is a fog twinkling with fallen stars,

lace and silk sliding down the leather,

a heart that roars, a soul that purrs,

the velvet that binds, the memories that tether,

the pieces of time that fit together like a puzzle,

breaking like glass, blood on every shard

like staring down a cold steel muzzle,

you make me weak when you go …so hard…



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