Butch Femme

Places Where I Hide

There were clouds when I looked up  

and I was going down,

the webs spun into a chrysalis,  

and I wondered how I got here,

a sip of my cup,  

the laughter all around,

and it made me remember this,  

you make me smile through the tears,

only familiar shadows on the wall,  

but I don’t think I recognize them anymore,

Looking out the windows I search,

but the sun is lost over that horizon,

I sink into the water wondering

if there’ll ever be a time I can’t recall,

my mind chills at the thought

when my feet hit the floor,

and I kneel one more time at that altar,

for you will always be my church,

There were clouds when I looked up

and I was going down,

there were wispy wings

and a sweet halo tipped in your hair,

I looked again

and couldn’t follow where you had gone,

but remember I told you,

I’ll meet you there,

the ugly truth is

that it feels like hell,

and it feels like

you’ve been far away

far too long,

so I have to face this,

face my fear,

a little each day until I see

the story life will tell,

but as I feel my feet

moving across that dirt,

I look for your footprints

on my heart,

I feel your fingertips

slipping up my shirt,

and there’s a new map

forming in the stars,

one I know you will help me chart,

sleep sweet my angel,

curl up on my shoulder,

this web will always keep us tangled,

walk with me in the clover,

my translucent butterfly,

this birth isn’t over,

there’s questions deep in my eyes

of why,

but you look back at me

in the places where I hide,

and remind me that love never ends

and life is never really over,

nothing can keep you from my side,

I’ll always be there,

where the rainbow bends,

where eternal love will always abide


2 thoughts on “Places Where I Hide

    1. Thank you, I’m doing okay. I suppose I might someday look into that but I haven’t enough to even create a chapter of a book…maybe they’ll (someone) look at it one day and get something from it, more my point than publishing. I hope you’re doing well too. 🙂


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