Butch Femme · Darkness · Love

That Thread

sitting alone

In the quiet air, in the silent room,

deep is the darkness there, a sky with no moon,

shatter the glass, let the pain rain down,

fingers wrapped around the past,

in the reflections, you come around,

In the night-time when I can’t breathe,

all the angels hover with their wings,

they want to touch the spirit in me,

that bell has tolled, a song to the king of kings,

In the river I lift the stone,

it was my step, it was my falling,

now the pebbles scream my ruin,

the night calls me out, howling,

In the dawn, remembering the color of your eyes,

the spring turns to fall, to winter, and I splinter,

the air freezes with my sighs,

and love dies in those who dare to enter,

In my sleep I dream of an empty space,

I can’t make myself long for another,

watch myself pretend to move, caught in that lace,

and in the distance I can only hear our thunder,

In the years there’s the chime of laughter,

there are eyes filled with haunting tears,

I can’t release it, it is my ever after,

I can’t fix what I never want to repair,

In the darkest of dark I will stay,

dance where the angels tread,

no heart for the world, only empty space,

lost in the tangle, I will hold onto that thread…



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