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Come Here Cloud Nine


And she licks her lips to make them shine,

breaks into dance and clears the room,

her eyes glisten and it’s, “come here cloud nine”,

her hair falls down like a fiery plume,

And she rocks, her body stung by the stick,

sweet and strong that perfume in the sky,

fingers through the water melting her hips,

and her spirit flies as her lashes drip dry,

And she slips into the light, nothing but pleas,

the sunset painting its colors on her soul,

how many times will she skin her knees,

her hand held out to touch that ghost,

And the darkness pulls her body down,

spinning her like lace through the air,

guiding her skin under that gown,

so wild and smokey and debonair,

And her senses wrap around the dance,

the beat captures her will, unleashed,

it’s that smile, that sensual glance,

a hundred miles of memories

that won’t be released…

the falls


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