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I Think..Just Let It Be

She says, come back here, like your memory,

I sometimes wish for no gravity,

She says, you know I’m gonna hold you down,

I think, oh no baby, not this time around,

She says, do you remember when,

I think, if only you saw what I saw then,

She says, you know you’re always on my mind,

I think, only when you make the time,

She says, you know I’ll never leave your side,

I think, I’ll take your words all in stride,

She says, you know it has its benefits,

I think, you’ll  never  know how to handle this,

She says, you’re my favorite side kick chick,

I think, you’re like a deer with a sweet salt lick,

She says, we can be together, apart,

I think, where did you lose your heart,

She says, I’ll go there and you come here,

I think, it’s like a circle of love and fear,

She says, it’s you no matter how hard I’ve tried,

I think, what  made you  change  so much inside,

She says, I’m lost and you’re my saving grace,

I think, you’re found, you just lost your place,

She says, I can’t seem to hit the nail,

I think, what the f*ck, I’m standing still,

She says, I just want to feel the air,

I think, then you should breathe while it’s still there,

She says, there’s no place I feel I belong,

I think, you walk but your feet don’t touch down,

She says, I’m lonely for your heart,

I think, I’m just the glue when you’re falling apart,

She says, it’s nice through space and time we always  are, 

I think, I’m a galaxy on a wishing star,

She says, my world’s not right without you,

I think, your world exploded and I fell through,

She says, I’m broken, in so many words,

I think, you have so many shards,

She says, I think I’m sharp as an edge,

I think, so many times you’ve bled,

She says, I have something to prove,

I think, you have everything down to a groove,

She says, I’m so set in my ways,

I think, you know how this all plays,

She says, time won’t change who I am,

I think to myself, it already has,

She says, someday I’ll find my niche,

I think, when you unravel every stitch,

She says, I don’t need my life completed,

I think, you gave up on what you needed,

She says, all I want is to spread my heart around,

I think, your heart needs roots where it’s not bound,

She says, you know me like a book,

I think, you don’t  know  the tree you shook,

She says, you have a way with me,

I think, it’s because I want you  free, 

She says, I see you in my dreams,

I think, another level of reality,

She says, but then the walls come closing in,

I think, it must be hell in your prison,

She says, I won’t ever let you go,

I think, that goes without saying so,

She says, I know I’m hard as stones,

I think, soft as the water I run in your bones,

She says, it will always be like this,

I think, you know you have this wish,

She says, someday there will come a time,

I think, it’s true, true love does blind…

She says, come here to me, I need to feel that memory,

I think, you’ll never know what that does to me…

She says, let’s just let it be,

I think, just let it be…




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