Without A Home




shadows whisper across cold skin,
so this is where it will all begin
silenced by the shivering wind,
so this is where it all will end,
slipping under the cloak of sleep,
buried shallow in the deep,
a soul no one cares to keep,
lies motionless in a heap,
footsteps right inside the door,
barely breathing, lost and poor ,
getting less for less is more,
shaken to the very core,
blackness shudders with the light,
no spirit left to fight the fight,
fighting made it take to flight,
flying high and out of sight,
silver moon and shining star,
each wish floats away, an empty jar,
now only feathers on the tar,
one so near has gone too far,
no more sorrows, no more war,
a body broken lies in state,
food set out on every plate,
a single rose by the gate,
but no tears fall for that fate,
laid to rest without a name,
sent in ashes from the flame,
no longer feeling hurt or shame,
finally home, no more pain


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