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And Live Again


She shook her fingers to dry her nails, flipped a coin, heads or tails, before it hit the floor she knew, she walked away right on cue. She let her hair fall to her hips, put a shine on those red lips, she broke her stride to look again, just to see where she had been. The clock struck midnight, she clicked her heels, so this is how a tornado feels. She pulled her cloak around her arms, nothing compared to her charms. The lightning couldn’t find its way, the clouds just seemed to fade away, she struck a chord and cut it free, just to watch it dance in the sea. She wasn’t one to need or want, never again to feel that haunt, she took a seed she’d never plant, she smiled that smile to enchant. She looked ahead to find the road they’d mapped out in their secret code, it led her to an ocean blue, she didn’t drown, she grew wings and flew. They watch her from down below, the sway of her body, soft and slow, she’d learned about that shallow way, the breaking dawn where she’d been left to lay, She felt the sparkle in her eye, her breath sweet with her lover’s sigh, she slid her nails across the silk, she had her way, she had her will, She shredded every memory, forgot possibility, she no longer clung to hopes and dreams but left it behind with smoke and screens. She once believed there was a chance, but now the thought made her wince, the scars where once her heart had bled, left an empty space where love had tread. She knew these waters back and forth, but now SHE was the sea and shore. She bore her soul and tossed her hair, and gave herself to the wind and air, the darkness watched its angel go, the moon who beckoned with its halo, the fire in the morning skies, every day she falls to rise, the dance that took her through the flowers, broke her once but now empowers, she holds the key to her own heaven, nothing left where she had been, she’ll learn to live…and live again



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