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Where It All Went Away


In the middle of the night, when the moon is low in the sky

and the sun is still under the covers of the horizon, 

it’s golden crown softly rising as day is drawn,

wander out and sit in the dew kissed grass,

listen to the miracles we take for granted

as they pass,

hear a baby crying for its mother, 

and the neighbors talking to each other,

the unseen breath of wind dancing through the chimes,

baby birds waking from their lullabies,

everything seems to breathe a peaceful sigh,


no chains, no thoughts,

just me and the cusp of day and night,

no breakdown, no breakup,

no promises from the lipstick left on your lips,

no bullet holes piercing a shredded heart

shooting through me from the barrel of your kiss,

just a shooting star shot from the hips,

there’s a stillness here under the rainbow of the day’s start,

it slips each piece of me back together,

the pieces of me everywhere wherever they are tethered,

binding soul and spirit for the next forever,

dancing on the daisies in the stones old and weathered,

a moment of silence pulls it all into a whole,

whispering in the ears of love, a cherub loads its arrows,

paints them with each memory that turned to diamond from the coal,

with the voice of angels singing through the sparrows,

I wander and then return to where it all went away,

knowing I am always bound, ready to face another day…



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