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In The Darkness~Through The Light

the way

In the darkness,

through the light, 

I watch you break apart tonight,

arms folded across your chest,

the halo of fire as you take flight,

In the moon’s glow

is the shimmer of stars

fading in my eyes,

In the breaking dawn,

I look into the ocean

watching as you rise,

the only clouds lined with silver

are the ones beneath your feet,

fighting for eternity that enemy

called time

neither could defeat,

In every passing moment,

every second of the day,

I pray for you to come,

your wings folded across my chest,

you will always be my home,

I look to the

four corners





knowing that you wait for me

beyond where the flowers bloom,

you lift my face once again

to the rising sun

reminding me

that my time here.

can’t be,



my tears

must graze

your unseen fingertips,

for I can feel your whisper

upon my parted lips,

your spirit so close

that I can feel your touch,

that love so strong

that I will always feel its rush,

In the darkness, through the light,

I feel my heart break apart tonight,

arms folded tight across my chest,

I try to close my eyes

but I watch once more,

just like yesterday,

my angel taking flight,

but it is here on my heart 

that you will always lay,

your hand in mine,

forever and a day…












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