Just Rust

Too many times I see women holding onto what should be let go. Too many times I’ve seen women treated badly, stripped of their self-esteem. Too many times I’ve seen hurt in their eyes where there should be joy. There’s just so many players who think their game will never end…game over!


You can pass her up, pass her down,

play her on that play ground,

you can pick her up, push her ’round,

’cause she’s the oldest game in town,

you can shake her up, break her down,

leave her in the lost and found,

for me, it’s sucks to watch you play her,

she’s builds you up while you slay her,

the sweetest smile you’ll ever hurt,

and all you see is another skirt,

she cries alone ’cause she’s always dealin’,

you just don’t care what she’s feelin’,

you don’t know how to appreciate it,

you think you’re hard but we all hate it,

she thinks your heart is gold plated,

but you ain’t nothin’ but ill fated,

I hope someday that she can see

that you play with all this fantasy,

when all she wants is reality,

you think she’s easy but she’s so deep,

you’ll never swim in that sea,

you may have broke her

but she’ll pick up the pieces,

you think you got her under lock and key,

you’re so blind to her releases,

thinkin’ with your head ’cause you think it pleases,

one of these days when you knock her down,

she won’t be cryin’ on that play ground,

she’ll be ditchin’ you like so much dust,

you think you’re golden






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