To Be Again

close my eyes

She looked away with those baby blues, that venom still upon her tongue, she could taste the sweetness in her brews, breathe the fire until it stung. Those sideways glances at the past, from that first embrace until the curtain fell, ’til she closed your eyes she’d make them last, it made for such a long farewell, She could ruin you with her burning heart, break you ’til it didn’t hurt, the menu was always a la carte, picking and choosing each dessert. She rose up in the morning singing, some days she was the sun, others she could beat you down ’til you were stinging, tears falling when she’s done. The story never stayed the same, she had a need to bleed, to change her mind, the same old battles, a love war game, realities undefined. She found her path then walked away, stumbling through a darkened woods, she walked until she’d start to fade, the woulds and coulds and shoulds. She whispered the stones to life, blood coursing in their veins, she pulled them to her lest they feel the knife, soothes them as it drains. She builds her houses and tears them down, never showing what she’s all about, that cauldron in her melts them ’til they drown, she casts a spell, there is no doubt. She holds your hand until you believe in magic, warms your skin and pulls you in, her dreams capture her heart ‘n’ then turn tragic, she ends only to be again.

tragic heart


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