She’ll Be Your Reason

She shakes her curls loose and tosses her head,

she’ll look you in the eyes ’cause her eyes can be read,

she isn’t afraid to break open those seals,

she can split you wide open with the things that she feels,

the time clicking down on eternity’s clock,

the moments never wasted on the

tick tock,

those warm hands make the clay turn,

 she can even make

the ashes burn,

she isn’t one to break the chain,

just yank on the links to pull you

in again,

those sands falling through the hourglass,

a voice that cuts so deep you’ll think she’s

shower of glass,

her fingertips soft against your skin,

a touch like a spell that feels like sin,

she’ll take you to a place that seems too far,

like you just were flung into a shooting star,

the rain raining down slipping off your body,

just a cloudy day making your heart feel foggy,

she lights the fuse and blows the spark,

just so you will see the light in the dark,

she’ll take you there when she says when,

like you craved her then, you’ll crave her again,

she’s as sweet as nectar but you’ll swear she’s poison,

she’ll be your loyal when you are her treason,

you’ll look for the sun and she’ll be the horizon,

you’ll be her always, she’ll be your reason



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