Living Today


We can play connect the dots all day long,

be sure, it doesn’t make anything  


we can tear it down and build it back up,

sometimes you just don’t see when enough

is enough.

We can believe but believing doesn’t make it so,

have faith and sometimes there’s no way to

really know,

put it all together or keep it separate,

put the odds in our favor but it’s like

any other bet.

One thing that is always true is that we make our

own way,

it’s our choices that change our circumstances day

to day,

if you stay down it’s where you’ll be

if you hold it down, it may just set you free.

Being led or choosing to lead,

letting the hurt turn to scars or keep making

them bleed,

hold onto the hands of the clock to stop time,

but don’t get stuck ’cause all you’re doing is

falling behind,

nothing wrong with having heart,

feeling every single part,

but don’t let life take those breaths away,

living means living in today…

heart wreath


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