More Suspense


You’re lookin’ around, out in the street, tryin’ so hard but you can’t find the beat, I sit behind this screen and laugh at your honey, spillin’ out like you got me, FUNNY!…should’ve never turned your back but that highway looked so sunny, dreams aren’t bought with your shiny money, you thought you knew where you were goin’, seems like the pace is all but slowin’, you think I look when your ass is showin’, it’s all hot air when you’re blowin’, There’s nothin’ here to hear a sound, did I hear your whisper comin’ through this town, puttin’ my ear to the ground, you think it’s the thunder pullin’ me down? ..there’s only laws tangled in my hair, you push away just to drift back there, the water, the fire, the earth, the air, life isn’t easy, life isn’t fair, sometimes things just don’t make sense, you climb one,  just to find another fence, but each time you flow into the fire, the ground below joins the sky with a breath, intense…another mystery, more suspense…



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