Butch Femme

Anywhere She Pleases

She plays like the sleepy shadows on the wall,

like the rumble of a coming storm

making the rain fall,

the depth of her heart

with all its broken pieces,

her eyes pierce like lightning,

going anywhere she pleases,

she is the stone among

scattered pebbles,

my day and my night

even when my heart rebels,

coursing in my veins

as if she gave me life,

cutting through my walls

with the honed blade of her knife.

She can tumble the mountains

until they are dust,

her hands bound in mine,

the only heart I trust.

She breaks me apart

only to bring me all together,

with a love fierce as a lion,

a touch that turns to talons,

the sweet in me, to a feather.

She wraps me around her

as if I were the vine,

never does she have to ask,

she knows what is hers

even when I draw the line,

like a prisoner, I am chained

to the passion of her lust,

my heart can only follow

as if it must,

flooding me with pleasure,

drowning me in pain,

She is as wild

as I am tame,

all she has to do is

pluck that chord,

she turns every hell in me

to heaven with one word,

she draws closer

I lose power over my spirit,

she is my flame

and I have to draw near it,

those days when she steps away,

it’s just like the weather,

and all I want is to be

tucked inside her leather,

she likes the conquer and the chase,

it makes me feel like I’m made of chalk,

the times written only to erase,

a heart caught in limbo,

always raising the bar

just to let it go,

and as I reach out

and catch the ledge,

she smiles leaving me

hanging on that ledge,

there’s no fear in her eyes,

she is so sure

that one more time

I can make the climb…


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