ashes to ashes, there goes tomorrow



ashes to ashes, there goes tomorrow,
the cards are dealt and then you fold,
the truth is so hard to swallow,
when the fire goes cold,
you’re addicted to a fantasy,
when you can’t let go,
wish on wish isn’t reality,
just hot air that you blow,
nothin’ ’til you’re in overdrive,
all the money can’t buy that drug,
stairs so steep, you can’t climb,
tears dripping on your rug,
it’s us against the world, not
that garden is full of weeds
the heat there is too hot, hot
pain for all the misdeeds,
brick on brick, walls all around,
the house is built and it falls,
only sand, no solid ground,
open windows, empty halls,
you’re singing to the choir,
the sun has spun around the moon,
when desired became desire,
breaking the golden rule,
ashes to ashes, there goes tomorrow,
seems like yesterday,
time isn’t somethin’ you can borrow,
stop givin’ everything away,
the tears, someday, will sink the stones,
real, like coming home,
locked away in your bones,
everything gone,



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