pond pics




058101181181 206 207 214the first picture is the first year of my pond, the following are through the next 2 years..by the third year, the ivy had taken over the sides and the small cedar in the last picture was over 5′ high…



4 thoughts on “pond pics

  1. now that is beautiful, I really like the arch, very nice touch ! think it will take me a year or 3 to get my future pond to be that lush and full of life, wow! I will make my pond a reality this year!! after a couple years of desperately wanting one, now is the time to just go for it ! I will bribe/recruit Hammy and his friends to help dig the pond out lol, a good BBQ and bonfire will work…. (the kids out here work cheap )lol


    1. Lol..I built a firepit right next to my pond (about 10 ft. away)..it was a beautiful place to sit under the stars, roast marshmallows with the kids, or just hang out with the adults. I recommend you just let nature take it’s course, don’t use any chemicals, will kill the fish, and let it just become part of your landscape. I would clean my water a couple times a year by hand and refill it with a hose (remove fish to a small container of recent water), allow 24 hours for the chlorine (if your water is chlorinated) to evaporate and then reintroduce your fish. It helps to keep the algae down also if you can put in snails or algae eating fish (just a thought). I hope you have fun with your project!


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