Sweet Memories Of Gardening (some not so..lol!!)

I’m so happy we are finally in the season to plant! I’ve got 90 percent of my flower garden planted (with the help of little hands) and have some potato plants rooting, tomatoes will go in when I know the ground has warmed up. The climbing yellow roses are beginning to sprout leaves and the Peonies are about a foot high. I planted an Easter lily bulb last fall and its spiky leaves have three rows showing. My main garden is wildflowers, I love them! Morning glories are my favorite, along with my red poppies! I can’t wait to make a bouquet!

I started gardening almost as soon as I could stand. We always had a huge vegetable garden and would can and freeze for the coming winters in the Berkshires. Since I’ve moved south, the season is even longer here and there’s plenty to share. I can’t remember a time when I went hungry growing up. There was always half a beef butchered and half a pig, in our freezer, along with wild game. I remember going to the farmer’s house and my Grandmother would pay him to raise and butcher and deliver fresh meat for the winter. There was always venison and we’ve even had frog legs, which I wasn’t too keen on until I tasted them.

We had concord grapes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, black berries, pears and apples that grew in our yard. We also collected dandelion leaves, mushrooms, cattails, wild thyme, as well as wild plants for medicines. We fished, hunted and grew tons of food. I miss that place.

I try to instill the importance of gardening in my grandchildren, my own two girls were raised gardening also. As soon as they can stand, they can plant…or eat dirt…my youngest used to pack it in her pants pockets and shirt pockets and every time I turned around she had mud oozing down her chin. It didn’t kill her, but it grossed me right out! My oldest attempted the same when she was a baby, of course I was quick to quell it, with my youngest, it wasn’t easy to quell anything! My sweet little baby..hahahaa..a year and half old, climbing the back stairs of our house..’honey where are you going?’, I asked as I turned toward her. She didn’t answer…’Ivy, get off the stairs and come to mommy’, I said. She turned around and all I saw was some kind of orange slime running down from her lips…I panicked! ‘WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR MOUTH…SPIT IT OUT!!!!!’ She slowly opens her lips and there, right across her whole tongue was a huge slug…gagging, gagging, gagging as I’m trying to tell her to spit it out…she’s giggling with this thing in her mouth…ahhh, the wonders of gardening! …and a child who has given me every gray hair I have, lol!

I wouldn’t change a memory and I hope to make so many more with their children…


9 thoughts on “Sweet Memories Of Gardening (some not so..lol!!)

  1. well the slug was just extra protein lol , I’m still a good month away from being able to plant, here I can’t plant until after the May long weekend , takes about that long to get the frost out of the ground, my favorites are Hollyhocks, I have a bed dedicated to them, I get about 50 plants each year ( have to contain them as they grow like wildfire) a lot of Petunias got planted last year by the community who came over and planted a ton of flowers so my wife had something pretty to look at as she couldn’t get outside often, they should all sprout and grow again this year, I will continue to keep the flower gardens and veggie garden going, gardening is a passion of mine, and other people actually pay me to create gardens for them! I never tell them that it’s not really work for me, it’s like being paid to have a fun relaxing time! lol

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    1. It’s a passion of mine also! I can’t even imagine not being able to do it. I’ve even gone a far as asking neighbors if I could put in gardens for them because I wanted our street to look nice. I actually put in a hand dug pond in my backyard in my last home , used an old rubber swimming pool and lugged river rock and field stones to decorate it. It drew in some interesting little creatures and the frogs loved it for breeding! I’ll have to post some pictures of some of the gardens I’ve had. I enjoy it so much. I love hollyhocks too, such a old time plant and beautiful!

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      1. I’ve been planning to dig a pond in the back yard for the last couple years, now that I have the time I think I will do just that this year, I’m just going to use an old tractor tire and some black plastic sheeting, I’ll raid the farm down the road for their rock pile ( I’ll ask of course) I already have the pumps, and I’ll put in some water plants ,maybe even a goldfish or two. the frogs should love it, my yard is over run with frogs lol just small ones.


        1. If you do put fish in it, make sure it’s as deep as your climate requires, then when winter comes and the water begins to freeze..place a pvc pipe in that goes to the bottom so you’re able to feed them. The pond I put in was my second, the first was lined with old rubber roofing that a construction company was discarding. The heavier the gauge, the easier it is to maintain. If you put a couple piers under the plastic/rubber, they make excellent stands for water plants. I uprooted lily pads and replanted them in mine also. The ponds were both about 10’x14′ and 24″ deep. I never used pumps, au natural only…they were beautiful. I wish I could make one here but I rent right now, hopefully someday I’ll own my own home again! I had all kinds of frogs, peepers to bullfrogs, little garden snakes, salamanders, newts…butterflies, dragonflies..I put outdoor strings of white lights in between the rocks and it lit the garden surrounding it and the pond. I had a small fountain that the frogs adored in the summertime. I loved it!


          1. awesome, thank you , I hadn’t even thought of the winter, hmmm I’ll definitely rethink my plan abit to account for winter freezing , I’ll have to put more thought into this little adventure, but I will have my pond come hell or high water lol


            1. Lol..I think you’re pretty much set with the high water! You dig a foot deeper than your frost table, that will ensure there’s plenty of water for the fish 🙂 I had to go 24″ in Massachusetts. I expect to see your project pictures, put that on your “butch list” LOL!


              1. LOL, yep for sure, I will take lots of pictures, this is going high up on my Butch List LOL , I’ll get to it as soon as I put the new roof on my workshop , which will be happening soon

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  2. Now I will have this vision of Ivy eating slugs stuck in my head all day….You are a champion gardener. I know that my own gardens are definitely complimented by all of your additions and work here. I love that I can see the plants you put in come back up year after year. 🙂 ~MB

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