From The Cliffs in Newport, R.I., Brenton Point, and out my backdoor at dawn






np np1 np2 np3 np4 np5 np6 np7 np8 np9 np10 np11 np12 np13 np14 np15 np16 np17 np18 np19 np20I miss the ocean…a lot…among other beautiful sights and sounds…enjoy




6 thoughts on “From The Cliffs in Newport, R.I., Brenton Point, and out my backdoor at dawn

  1. being a flatlander , I am always stunned at the violent beauty of the ocean, those cliffs and rocks forged by tens of thousands of years of the ocean pounding and carving them out , that is truly stunning to me.

    not to sure about those steps going down or that overgrown tunnel , I might venture into them if I was with someone I didn’t really like, I mean there might be zombies lurking in there!! I can trip the person I’m with and run lol seriously though , I would end up going into them because I am snoopy and my curiosity would get the better of me lol

    I like the structure and design of the buildings, you don’t see buildings like that here

    very beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing 🙂


    1. It’s just a walk through,lol! And the steps go a 3/4 of the way down a cliff, at the top there’s a memorial bench and a culdesac where servants in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries held dances and played music. They have Irish celebrations there every March. The Cliff Walk is about 3.5 miles long, it’s beautiful, one of my favorite spots there. Some of the ocean pictures and the remnants of what used to be called “The Reef” which was a beautiful estate at one time, taken over by the Army as a lookout post when the British occupied Newport, as a coastal artillery battery. It was abandoned in 1946 by the Budlong Family who had previously used it as a summer house. There’s still a watchtower,remnants of the carriage house, and its construction started in 1882, and was formerly the estate of Theodore Davis until it burnt down. Rhode Island took it over in 1969 and opened Brenton Point Park in the 70’s. They have a kite festival, which I have pictures of somewhere, every year, and the skies are filled with every kite you could imagine! There’s so much history there, it’s hard to go into it all, but those were just a couple of the places I frequented while I lived there. 🙂 The ocean is just breathtaking! The mansions are gorgeous! The whole city is just packed with history and fun!


      1. it is another beautiful place where I could spend weeks exploring , the history buff in me would be over the moon looking at the old buildings and the reef area , I would bet the sunsets along those cliffs would be spectacular


        1. It is spectacular to see, many times I would go and sit on the sea wall and watch it..the full moon over the sea was amazing..I could listen to the waves forever and never tire of it, walk the beaches. There’s so much history there..I really enjoyed that too!


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