My Part Of Virginia

va va1 va2 va3 va4 va5 va6 va7 va8 va9 va10 va11 va12 va13 va14 va15 va16 va17 va18 va19 va20 va21 va22 va23 va24 va25 va26 va28 va29 va30 va31 va32 va33 va34 va35 va36 va37 va38 va39 va40 va41 va42 va43 va44 va45 va46 va47 va48 va49 va50 va51 va52 va53 va54 va55 va56 va57 va58 va59 va60 va61 va62 va63 va64So there’s my mountains! The little baby bird was a rescue from the kitty bullies, kept her watered and filled up with squished worms from a dropper ( her surrogate mommy 🙂 , she stayed with me for four days, healed from her trauma and shock and I took her outside and off she flew! I hope you enjoy the views 🙂


10 thoughts on “My Part Of Virginia

      1. They are breathtaking! Besides the ocean, the mountains are also my favorite thing to look at and adore. Hihi. You’re very lucky! I live in a place where buildings are everywhere and not even a hill is in near sight. </3


  1. Holy Moly that is Beautiful!! all those trees, valleys and the river , wow, I’m speechless

    That old wood stove in the shop window, that’s a work of art to me, I’d be in there spending my last dollar trying to buy it and drag it back home lol

    Very nice memorial to the Veterans and those that lost their lives defending our freedoms, I could spend hours there , just sitting quietly , then hit that restaurant for some food, though I’d skip the wine ( I’m not much of a drinker) I’d be happy with a glass of 7 up and lime juice and a couple ice cubes lol

    that was awfully nice of you to look after that little bird, I hope it goes on to have a happy care free life 🙂
    Thank you for sharing these Beautiful pictures 🙂


    1. You’re very welcome!!..and thank you!! She made it just fine, came to the feeder to visit often.
      There are a few antique shops along the main roads, as well as art and local artisans displayed and for sale at the art center. We have a few restaurants in town, hardware store, grocery, and convenience, all within walking distance. C&O has rail cars on display as well as a beautiful steam engine and museum. Those were just a few pictures, but I think you get the idea 🙂 ..and I could go for a club soda with lime..yum!


      1. It is a very beautiful place and seems like lots to do there, it would take me weeks to explore the area if not months, I could spend quite a lot of time walking in the wilderness and in the antique shops and artisan shops , and of course poking around the trains, I am very keen on nature and history 🙂


          1. Maybe someday, we will 🙂 I used to go to the USA a lot before 9/11 and only have been there twice since, I would really like to take Hammy and show him some of the breath taking sights in the USA .

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