Let’s Take A Walk

100_6395year 2 of my pond and here…

001001008004002year 3 of my pond




It’s all natural and organic..I love creating gardens..and as time passes, they just keep getting better! From Pole Bean Forts built and planted with my grandchildren to my 100_5438youngest daughter’s wedding under the arch, with the pond and a bizzillion marigolds100_5743100_5714 (year 1 of its existence) as a backdrop, to the vegetables and flowers, and the herbs I grew along the retaining wall, 161 164 153 100_5730 peekaboo 100_5358 007 009 010 011 100 004 028027100_6349to the little fence I built out of bamboo, to the rock garden I created, 057 046 050 049 052 001054002

a dry creek bed that had every stone dug from the ground by hand,010 013 012to the pad for a firepit,062 to the millions of seeds, the bags of mulch, the hours of work, the endless weeding, the covering and uncovering, to the flower boxes, the wildflowers dug, the baby trees, and evergreens and cedars carefully extracted from the woods, 041 100_5654 1to plants I have no idea what they are (just liked how they looked or grew) and it added to the textures, to training ivy, to hauling field stone and river rock and bricks and branches, pavers and pallets, to erecting a fence, building walls, digging up roots,100_5746 100_5737 100_5736 100_5727 100_5730 100_5732 100_5741 168 294 153 161 to teaching my children, and my grandchildren how to plant, how to harvest,Picture0004_005

2070 100_5716 100_5698 135 alailah4

I pay homage to my Great Grandmother Vranas, my Gram, and my Mom for instilling a passion for nature and gardening that will never leave me…or them, I hope…

100_5805 100_5820 100_5796 388 106 053 005 144 montage 100_5474

I’m sure at 90 I’ll be crawling on my hands and knees in dirt somewhere on this earth 🙂

May 1st 2012 007 peekaboo

Kat25 000_0369Thanks for taking a walk with me..my grandchildren have grown a bit 🙂 but I think I’ll save those pictures for another day! Many blessings to you! I’ll be out in my garden if you need me…<3 Happy Spring!!!





6 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Walk

  1. that is an amazing garden! , and that bamboo fence is outstanding, I have never seen anything like that,the pond really inspires me as I plan on building one this year and I really like the arch, I would like to try my hand at building something similar , though where I want to place it requires moving a small white pine that I planted last year, I enjoyed the pictures of your grandchildren, and hope to someday be posting pictures of my own grand kids ( hopefully not for another 10 or so years lol) , and if you don’t mind me saying, you have amazing hair, thank you for posting and sharing 🙂


    1. Thank you, I had fun building that fence! The arch was given to me by my daughter, it was bought for her wedding, came with lights, and I loved how it looked at night with all the other indoor/outdoor lights I had put in between the rocks. It didn’t take long for me to realize that putting in perennials like the ivy and lilies, and wildflowers was the way to go because of the fact that it lessened the upkeep and I planted annuals in between to add even more color. The yellow flowering bush (have no clue what it’s called) grows wild along the roads here, and they bloom all summer into the fall. The plant that is spiky in front of the arch is from the woods, just came across it one day walking..when it was little, it grew to be massive, lol. My oldest grandchild is 7, and my youngest is just a month old…with 3 and 4 year old boys in between…they just started planting this year and love it (digging in the dirt,lol), they’re all sweet as anything and I love having them around, it keeps me young(er) 🙂 And thank you for the compliment, it’s dow past my hips now, probably time for a trim but I love it long…girly thing 😉 I hope you find as much enjoyment as I did with your pond, the initial work is hard and time consuming but the result is well worth the effort…


      1. the yellow flowering bush we call them Brown Eyed Suzies up here , they grow like wildfire , I have some in my front flowerbed that I dug up from the ditch.


        1. No..I thought that at first glance, but these flowers are tiny and it grows like a bush, not on stems..the whole branch is covered with them. I don’t know what they are. My Mom gave them to me a few years ago and they get pretty big, well, you can see by the pictures. I’m 5’5″ tall and they’re just about my height.. 🙂


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