To My Readers~

My way of dealing has always been writing, and I know most blogs follow certain themes and mine, well it’s like me, eclectic. If something is on my mind, I use writing as a form of release. I don’t let things build up, and then explode, I write and let them go. Sometimes, things I haven’t thought about in so long, somehow bubble to the surface. I don’t know why, but putting my thoughts and feeling into words on a page helps me to deal with these sudden intrusions. I’m not one to be offensive and only parts of me can be defensive, I sometimes have to shove my emotions around when it comes to certain thoughts. It’s funny how even as old as I am…as dirt..LOL…that there’s always that comma..that pause when I turn out the lights and am going to sleep. Tonight as I was drifting off, I started thinking of my girls, women now, always my babies…and one thing led to another. Most times those thoughts would lead to memories of “their” childhood with me, but sometimes that time line seems to go from theirs..to mine.

I’m not like most I suppose, many say they regret nothing they’ve been through, that it made them stronger, wiser, kinder, etc…but I do have regrets, not of my making, but still regrets. I wish things had been different when I was a child, but we don’t control things then…and I guess that’s my regret. 

I can’t imagine what it takes, what is inside anyone, what would motivate, a person to harm their own child…I love my children and their children and no one will ever harm them if I have anything to do or say about it…

Anyway, I just wanted to speak my mind and let my readers know that I do..every once in a while..have to write out my thoughts, see them there and put them out there…because that is my justice! I hope nothing I write offends anyone, I hope what I write can stop even just one person from ripping out their child’s heart, or someone else’s, for their own perverse pleasure…

I had to be shown what love really is…and learn how to love…and for every person who has had a hand in that, thank you! It wasn’t an easy comeback, it was a torturous ride, and every angel must have had their wings around me, because I made it! You can too…

Peace and Love,





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