She Is Crowned


She had to start from scratch,

find a life

that would match,

every thought that

she would catch,

so she stepped up to the door

loosening the latch,

there’s a long road

from that place,

but one that

she can face,

every prayer

she sent to space,

she tied with ribbon and lace,

she’ll never be a martyr,

love will never come with a barter,

a sweet note tucked in her garter,

she’s a finisher, not a starter,


she can look up at the skies,

and she sees it through your eyes,

but she’ll never compromise,

love is in her lover’s sighs,

she can look into your heart,

and hold hers together apart,

like a mare who guides the cart,

when the stud begins to dart,

she can pull against the reins,

or let you run the plains,

there’s nothing she regains,

when her love is in your veins,

she has no reason to control,

love is only heart and soul,

in the spirit of the world,

the wind can still or blow,

she doesn’t turn around,

she is free and walks unbound,

for her, it’s a proving ground,

the ruler of one ..she’s crowned



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