Crafts 'n' Garden

Spring Into Spring!

What a beautiful spring day it was! I’ve gotten in the habit of going outside early in the morning and having coffee while Angel (my malte~poo) romps around the yard. She entertains herself pretty good, tosses her toys and runs after them, has to sniff every plant and tree…entertains me too šŸ™‚ I have an early day tomorrow, heading into town to do a little shopping. The plants have finally arrived at the hardware store, veggies, so I’ll be picking up a few things. I’ve decided on black mulch again this year, it just looks so pretty and helps with keeping the weed population at a slow enough pace that I can keep up with it.Ā 

I found some old wooden window frames that someone had taken out some time ago and have been trying to figure out what to use them for. At first I was going to do an indoor project, maybe like a shadow box, but now I’m thinking..something for the garden…

I’ve decided that I want to build a little gardening bench, something that saves on me bending over when I’m working with potted plants. I finally broke down and bought a jigsaw, a skill saw, and a table saw, and was given as a gift, a drill and an orbital sander, so this year making things from wood will be less of a task as I had previously only used hand tools, but my hands are getting it’ll be an adventure for sure! I’m always on the lookout for items I can repurpose. Every Spring here, they have what is called Spring clean up and everyone puts all their unused items out by the curb…my favorite time of the year! I find wood and all different kinds of things that become “something” when I get them. I think birdhouses and some new feeding station are on the agenda this year! I have a love of crafts and my grandmother was a great teacher when it came to every kind of craft under the sun and of course I joined the ranks! Here’s a picture of just a few I’ve done…


I’ve found some great ones using pallets…and now that I have the tools, I’m thinking of which one I will attempt to make! There’ so many projects, it’s hard to decide šŸ™‚ Well, I’m off to dreamland, looking forward to another day! Peace~


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