Beautiful Night

So today was errand day. I walked downtown and went to the bank and paid my rent and visited with my youngest and her babies, but decided to finish up before the storms came in as the sky was darkening. I went on my way to the store and picked up a few groceries, stopped and saw my son in law and chatted for a few while he had a smoke break at the garage he works for. It started to sprinkle so off I went, bags in tow, toward home. I made it about a block and the skies opened up..lol. I’m thankful though that today was pretty warm so it was a warm shower…clothes and all. By the time I got home, I was soaked to the skin and when I got into the house, I realized that “somewhere” along the way, I must have set one of my grocery bags down and left it where I set it. Now I can’t say for sure where, because there were a couple of places I stopped. I had gotten lithium batteries for my camera and some powdered creamer for my coffee, how I didn’t notice they weren’t in my hands is a mystery to me. I retraced, called, had my daughters looking and couldn’t find the bag. I hope whoever found it can use the things I bought…it kind of made me upset at first, but now, I give it to..everything happens for a reason. Maybe whoever took it couldn’t afford expensive batteries…or maybe they didn’t have anything to put in their coffee…oh well, I guess I’ll never know. I got out of my drenched clothes and ran a nice hot bath and just soaked in it for like an hour…then after throwing on my jammie pants and shirt, went outside with Angel and enjoyed the last rays of light…what a beautiful moon in the in between of day and night…026 027

Have a beautiful evening everyone! Peace~


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