Splish Splash!!!

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I woke up early this morning to my three oldest grandchildren playing, we all had a sleepover yesterday. They all have scooters, a basketball hoop, sand toys, balls, toy mania and my yard is pretty big, so they spent yesterday playing until dinner, spinning contests, tag, follow the leader, and pizza of course, and then bubble baths and a movie, and then all kissed and tucked in.

The sun was bright today and we were outside early. They ran around the yard after a chocolate chip waffle breakfast and by noon were getting a bit overheated. I called them all over to me and asked if they’d like to go have a picnic lunch by the water…well of course I got a resounding ‘YES!!!!’ and so we were off. Smith Creek is flowing well this year and the new lawn behind our town amphitheater is beautiful. We packed up bologna and cheese sandwiches, juice, and some sundried cranberries for them to munch on and an old heavy gingham tablecloth…had a quiet lunch by the water and then…the fun began! Skipping stones, splashing, chasing each other around, my youngest granddaughter put her feet in..she didn’t like it..>giggle<..scrunched up her little face and almost started crying but her Auntie made it all better 🙂 The bigger kids had fun too…I was behind my camera or watching them and it just made me smile. I raised my own to enjoy the outdoors..my house never had kids in front of a video screen for long. I was always taking them places, like lakes, brooks, swimming, fishing, camping..and when we were home, bonfires and smores and hot dogs and hamburgers, chasing fireflies, planting, harvesting…they were the kind of kids who would rather climb trees and ride their bikes or go for a walk than to sit inside. I love seeing them raise their own children with an appreciation for nature and all its wonders. It was a fun day with lots of smiles and another beautiful day of sweet memories ❤


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