In The Colors Of The Dawn

She walked down

the long winding road,

the trees bowing down,

heavy with their blooms,

she looked to the sky as she thought

of Song of Solomon words,

the bride coming

to her love,

‘Set me as a seal upon thine arm’

She walked on, holding onto

that sacred metal charm,

‘set me as a seal upon thine heart’,

it was her deepest part,

‘for love is strong as death’.

she laid her head upon my chest,

closed her eyes as I closed mine,

souls coming, going, on this quest,

‘jealousy as cruel as the grave’

those words so true and edified,

my heart, my soul,

my one and only,

a forever dream

that leaves me lonely,

Awakened from the dream

that is all to real,

I don’t want to see

or even want to feel


as she leaves 

from the circle

of my arms,

…….morning breaks,


and there is heaven

                                              ….((((( in the colors of the dawn )))))….



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