This Castle


She has seen the same shadows, walked in the same dark, closin’ her eyes when the wind blows, opening them when she still feels the same spark, She has entertained angels and sat down with demons, she has whispered prayers, danced in the arms of reasons, pushing and pulling the truths and the dares, a kiss on the lips of the young and uncouth, she has heard the passion in the wants and the lies, she has become older now in her youth, longing sometimes for those spring time sighs, She has walked with her own ghost, til she disappears through that wall, her hands raised in the air, no longer lost, she lays down her head until her lashes fall, knowing the worth, forgiving the cost, She has heard the voice of promise, felt the glass shatter, pierced by each shard, she has listened to the silence, that has broken her heart, She has poured herself like sweet blushing wine, taking the form of her vessel, feeling her way as it slides down her throat…off her tongue.. dripped on her soul from the inside,  freedom, She watches those angels and demons still wrestle, through the windows where love still abides, She seeks refuge in her own peaceful Eden, a dance with an angel with a love like the devil, she finds all the answers on the tree of old strife, as she slips away, this realist, this rebel, from the poison she was given on the blade of her knife, she escapes from the confines, slips away from the darkness,  from this castle…some would call life


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