Love · poetry · spiritual

With No Warning


With no warning she crept from her soul,
where the flowers and cloudy days go,
love letters written in blood,
for each memory that she had called love,
the ink dripped down her soft skin,
leaving traces of lines where she’d been,
with no words left on her lips,
no coming back from where she had slipped,
just a tint on her red rose lips,
where a promise was left with a kiss,
laid down in her satin and silk,
with no concept of the life she had built,
tears stained the pillow holding her head,
petals fell from the sky to her bed,
they all gathered to bid her farewell,
and recalled all the memories to tell,
with no warning she drifted asleep,
and we all knew she was finally at peace,
but the skies opened up and rain fell,
with the angels and the toll of the bell,
she reached from the heavens above,
perfect again in His love,
she whispered,I’m letting go,
but I’ll never be too far from home,
then she opened those wings she had furled,
and our angel took flight from this earth,
on the wings she’d worn under those curls,
tucked away since the time of her birth,
with no warning she opened life’s book,
and the angels all came to look,
at the name of the newest He’d given,
at the face He’d brought home from the living,
they all bowed their heads to their sorrow,
knowing for them there is a tomorrow,
but she touched each tear wiped away,
and said, please live for today,
and she looked below at her loves,
in their suits and their dresses and gloves,
and she whispered, we’ll all have this chance,
one more time in my arms you will dance,
the air will fill with our laughter,
and we’ll be together again ever after,
just know that I’ll be alive in your heart,
not one day will we ever part,
lift up your eyes my sweet child,
lift up your head my sweetest love,so mild,
you’ve given me more than you’ll know,
something time will never let go,
there really is a hope of forever,
but til then we’re always together,
without warning she left all her sighs,
and she saw the wild love in those eyes,
and she knew how deep it would go,
like an ocean, a sea with no floor below,
and she watched as they lifted a shell,
put it to their ear as the tears started to swell,
as the memories flooded their soul,
in it they could hear the bell toll,
but a smile slipped ‘cross their lips,
as they tasted the salt of her kiss,
and they knew what they needed to do,
just live love, their whole life through,
and soon they would see her again,
a love that never would end,
and they felt in this heart all the hope,
and knew somehow they’d cope,
without warning they stood up on their feet,
took charge of this ship on that sea,
knowing one day they’d sail in their sleep,
lifting the mast of life, knowing they’d one day be free,
as the skies opened up and rain fell,
the sweetest dreams came they’d ever felt,
and they heard her say, go find your way,
live, love and don’t forget how to play,
there’s no time left to leave time behind,
tuck those memories away to remind,
there’s an angel here watching you live,
just believe and she’ll guide the ship,
but there’ll be moments that you must give,
let love be the knot that won’t slip,
no tomorrow is ever assured,
watch your heart, live out loud, keep your word,
without warning she blew on the sails,
the smoke of her spirit leaving white trails,
and she sang from on high every chorus,
with the angels. she sang every song for us,
and they say that they knew her so well,
but for us, there was much more to tell,
and the angels all gathered round,
as the ship finally came upon ground,
and they knew that this port had no sorrow,
as they watched and believed in tomorrow,
somehow she had filled them with faith,
gave them back what they knew it would take,
and as her wings came around them, they were saved,
as He gave what He said He’d never forsake,
without warning they heard the bells toll,
and they knew it was her and that soul,
and they looked
up to the sky
when she whispered…
it’s never..


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