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She Loves The Way The Wild Sings


She walks around with her fingers to her lips, her t-shirt tied just above her hips, her long tan legs with painted toes, slipped into sandals the color of rose, she hums a tune from her mama’s days, her long dark hair swingin’ as she sways, she has a sparkle in her eyes, there’s a sweet promise in all her sighs, she walks down the path she’s known for years, smilin’ to herself ’cause there’s a beat she hears, sweeter than the blooming cherry blossoms, softer than the whisper, she softens, her cut off jeans huggin’ her skin, even the water is shiverin’, her bitten lips so sensual, they could make an angel fall, her sky blue eyes that turn to gray, there’s an ocean there where treasures lay, she looks up at the summer sky, dreaming in colors of the wild, the fingertips of bending trees, reaching down is all she sees, she lifts her legs and makes a splash, nothin’ here is made of cash, she likes the stillness that it brings, the way of the water when it springs, the feel of the drops on her face, she knows she’s got her peaceful place, the chill against her steamy skin, she shifts her hips to let it in, she loves the way the wild sings, a temptress calling wild things…



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