This Shall All Pass


She breaks the darkness with golden light, the sun she lives by, the stars at night, she is fluid like pouring rains, feels the thunder like rolling trains, the lightning breaks her soul apart, a knife through every darkened part, she carries peace as her sword, a silenced love for her lord, the moon is rising in the sky, a sweet embrace of silver light, the earth slumbers in its wake, falling stars, a wish to make, she lies down in the dewy grass, thinking soon this shall all pass, but for this time, revelry, as she shuts her eyes to go to sleep, mountain silhouettes in the dark, trees bending down o’er her heart, twinkle twinkle go the stars, carry her to unknown parts, in her dreams the lovers love, in the clouds that float above, each one incomplete without the other, the king of kings, the queen, her mother, there she sees her universe, eyes closed to the earthly world, never questioning her worth, diamond skies, her body pearled, and when his fingertips touch her face, she’ll recall that heavenly place, though time here will soon be erased, there’s no time in the arms …of grace.

sun and moon



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