poetry · spoken word

Nothin’ To Say

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She said,”yeah, whatever…”, with the flick of her wrist,

walkin’ away like she was doin’ the twist,

lookin’ back at me with those crooked smilin’ lips,

sayin’,”you know nothin’s ever gonna be better than this..”

She said,”c’mere boi”, and blew me a kiss,

“lemme show you what lovin’ really is..”

She shook out her hair, and sat on my knee,

she looked straight in my eyes and said,

” I’ll make you aware..”

I felt a tension buildin’

as she took hold of my hand,

she slid it up her leg

and made me understand,

“Now you’re thinkin’ that I’m wantin’,

maybe it’s true.. but I’ve seen you playin

and I’m not playin’ with you..”

She stood up right in front of me

and man, I was shakin’,

guess this woman isn’t, ..

just for the takin’,

She whispered in my ear,

“I don’t play those games,

if you’re wantin me,

you’ll put down those play things..

Somewhere there between the touch

and the look, I felt a little tug

and I swallowed the hook,

She said, ” I’ll never ever be your toy,

you better listen up, if you’re gonna be my boi!”

I’m pretty sure my ears grew bigger than my head,

’cause I was lovin’ every word that she had said,

She giggled and she sat down on the swing,

her dress flyin’ in the air,

think I heard angels sing,

She jumped to the ground  

flashin that sweet smile,

she knew she had my number on

speed dial,

she gave me that make your choice look,

I reached in my pocket

and threw out that black book,

She said,”Let me tell it to you,

get things straight, 

I’m the only food

that’s gonna be

on your plate,

and just sayin’

if I find you lookin’ away,

you’ll be watchin’ me walkin’,

nothin’ to say!” 

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