Clouds In Every Sigh

There’s a rush rushing through her hair,

the sweetest love dances in her spirit,

there’s a wolf howling at the moon,

a heart beating a path where only she can hear it,

There’s a life lived fast and without a care,

she draws a breath as her love comes near it,

listens intently as she croons,

a love song catching her in a snare,

There’s a cry without falling tears,

there’s a bite that she’ll never fear,

falling underneath the stars, walking in the dunes,

she always pulls her back into that sacred square,

There’s a heart that always seems to wear it,

there’s a storm set in her lover’s ruins,

there’s a stillness that draws her to the calm,

a magic that keeps her in perpetual movement,

with angel wings, she is a psalm,

but for the fire she leaves across the sky,

time has made her, her lover’s balm,

with clouds in every sigh…








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