Butch Femme

Take The Night


She looked out the window and saw that butch comin’, thumbs in her pockets, fingers strummin’, jeans on her hips, rockin’ side to side, she was wishin’ she was her belt so she could feel that ride, she pulled up her hair and braided it down, it fell like dark chocolate from her crown, she stood behind the door and listened for the knock, she was ready and waitin’ as she watched the clock, she heard the heels of her boots hit the deck, suddenly she was a melting wreck, her eyes shined as she caught that light, she knew what she was in for, take the night, without sayin’ a word she could read her lips, without makin’ a sound she took that kiss, now she’s not into chains and whips, but a little butch handlin’ was what she missed, those strong arms pulled her in close and tight, fingers at her waist, she always loved the night, all she wanted was the taste, that hard muscled leg between her soft thighs, her hand sliding up the silk of her stocking, her sweet breath filled with moans and sighs, just enough to get her world rocking, she took that medicine with ease, she loved the feelin’ and the tease, she’d step back and take her in, then back her back up against the wall again, her eyes filled with satisfaction, that butch took the night with every action, slowly she unzipped down her back, her dress fell into the black, the moonlight hit her shimmering skin, she laid her back, it felt like sin, the roaring of the fire inside, the want in her she couldn’t hide, she felt her shudder as she filled her body, felt her quiver, felt her naughty, she bit her neck and stung her lips, she rocked her back and held her hips, she melted with a final shove, butch and femme, makin’ love…


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