Click Clack


She told you it was a two way street, nothin’ dividing you, never missin’ a beat, she tore the veil and laid it down, broke that stride, broke that vow, she clicked those heels when the fog turned clear, her foot to the floor, she was shiftin’ gears, there you were standin’ in the door, watchin’ her sway wantin’ more, shakin’ your head thinkin’, she’ll be back, you’ll be dreamin’ of those heels, click clack, should’ve seen the writin’ on the wall, but you were sittin’ there busy, readin’ the scrall, you thought you had the golden touch, she was rockin’ those heels on that clutch, four barrel baby eatin’ up the road, you better check yourself ’cause you’re all alone, she shut it down outside of town, finally she could breathe, she took her knife and sliced that gown, threw away that bridal wreath, she made a promise to herself, her heart crackin’  like a continental shelf, I’ll remember where I’ve been, but you don’t know how far I’ll go, then she climbed back in that sixty nine with her diamond on her toe, you could have had all of this, you had her at the altar, but for all the misplaced places that you kiss, she would’ve never faltered, you sit there and ponder and act like you are lost, maybe you should really wonder if it was worth the cost, she isn’t just any feline femme, purring in your ear, she’s the sweetest thing since M and M’s,

and you used to be

her air…



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