Out That Window

Watching each cloud as it passes by

out that window,

the wheels were turning and the hum

of the engine was low,

off in the distance the mountains

faded into the night,

in the rear view mirror what was left

fell out of sight,

the evening star, it led the way,

the broken shadows no longer day,

the words were spoken but what to say,

just flew away, fly away..

roads that turn and sometimes twist,

that white line covered in a mist,

headlights coming east and west,

a heart still beating in that chest,

the dawn spilled across the fields

lighting up each branch,

the darkness as it yields the light,

a quiet trance,

like the remnants of the nighttime

fell at her feet, 

how they shine, where the cliffs and ocean meet,

how sublime to know what is free,

throw away every single key,

for it isn’t what is locked inside,

it is the universe and in its arms its bride..




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