poetry · spiritual

Stay Still

Stay still my soul,

there’s no firelight, no coals,

be mindful of the smokey night,

don’t let go when there’s so much fight,

be kind my heart, for the angels come,

just hold me up, keep the peacefulness,

be sweet my spirit, until time is gone,

when I slip silently into that bliss,

I’ll watch them all from the mighty throne,

sing with angels lips, the truth I’ve known,

they’ve seen my tears for far too long,

how deep it went, the right and wrong,

but now I rest in the sweetest peace,

for I have know that sweet release,

the power of a crimson love,

rains down on me from above,

filling every crevice and crack,

where my imperfections lack,

and so I close my eyes this night,

knowing every wrong’s made right,

there’s nothing left to cease my mind,

no fears or pain to make me blind,

that holy grail lifted to my lips,

one last goodbye,

one last kiss.


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