Into The Wind

did you count every memory,

did you look at the pictures,

did your hand shake when you saw me,

did you recall the scriptures,

written in the ink on

my body forever,

heaven and earth

bound there together,

were you shedding a tear

for the days I was there,

were you remembering

mine with a blank stare,

were you lost in the love

that laid me down,

from the soles of my feet

to the braided crown,

was it hard for you to see

my heart all that time,

was it on your mind

with that shiny new dime,

was it simple to hurt me

again and again,

knowing I love you

beginning to end,

do you justify every

thing that you do,

do you ever wonder

what I went through,

do you see every  promise

that you ever broke,

do you hear all the words

that I never spoke,

I sit here and think back

on the days that have gone,

how you changed my thinking

to I don’t belong,

did it hurt when you thought

you were alone,

did it surprise you that

I picked up the phone,

did it make a difference

in what you see now,

did it take you


to our vow,

crossing my legs

on the edge of this cliff,

I recall the moment

of our first kiss,

do you know that I

grew wings when I slipped,

do you understand

that I’ve got this!

do you think that

I’m an open book anymore,

do you think you can read me

like you did before,

let me tell you,

just so you know,

there’s no promise here

in the things that I show,

there won’t be an end

but surely I’ll go,

I can’t pretend that

I never saw this show,

the casting calls

searching for that beau,

I’ve grown so much

since I couldn’t believe,

I’m no longer innocent

or so naive,

would you change it

if you had felt my pain,

would you pull out the knife

just to cut me again,

would you turn on the love

and leave the lust,

would you put down the blade

or just let it rust,

closing my eyes

I see nothing but dust,

you’ve broken my heart,

you’ve torn up my trust,

does it rain down

on your head,

does it make you

feel less,

than what I have felt

when I gave my best,

does it shatter the concept

that I’ll stand by your side,

I want you to know that

I can’t let this all slide,

but you’ll still see that

love in my eyes,

remember the smoke

in all of my sighs,

will it ever make any sense,

the fog is so thick

and the forest so dense,

will I ever find my way out,

will the light ever shine

on what I now doubt,

will anything ever

seem clear again,

will I ever find

who I was then,

there’s a breeze blowing

through my hair,

my wings are spread

to find my way there,

maybe someday

I’ll cross over that line,

but for now I lean into

the wind that I find,

maybe someday

that old coal will shine,

and I’ll wake in the morning

with it all falling behind…



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