My Best Friend

She holds my hand when life is hard, no one sees the moments we share, there’s nothing better in the world than having someone you can tell anything. My best friend is my safest haven She understands me like no one else. I couldn’t be more grateful for the times she’s stood me up on my feet when I fell, the laughter is contagious when we get going, and I’d never give her up for anyone. I love her to death and that’s no lie. We’ve been through so much together and apart but one thing I know is that no matter how far we are from one another, she can make me feel like she’s sitting right beside me. I miss having her closer. It’s not easy doing this by myself, but I know she’s just a phone call away and it makes my day when I hear her voice. We’re not the gushy types usually but there are times when we can’t help express what we mean to one another. It’s an awesome feeling to have someone I can count on to have my back at any given moment…I can’t wait til I see her again!!! Thank you for always being there…for being such an amazing friend…you truly are true blue ❤


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