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Forward Thinking

Every time I turn around there’s someone promoting hate, be it for political, personal, religious, the present, the past…I mean really!? Did you ever think of promoting goodness, kindness, love, acceptance? I know I’m not the only one who is soooo tired of the rhetoric. It goes from one subject to the next subject trying to influence the minds of young and old. I am, among other cultures, Irish..does that mean I condemn people because at one time my Irish ancestors were white slaves? It’s not what culture you come from, or what race, or what religion, what your beliefs are, that matter…it’s how you move the world forward with forward thinking. It’s easy to spew hatred, condemn those in the here and now for crimes, mistakes, whatever, that were made by our ancestors but that doesn’t solve the problem, it only gives a voice to ignorance, mistreatment, prejudice, and all under the guise of changing the world for the better. How about this, live in the present and forgive, change the world by your own personal actions toward PEOPLE…don’t aim for a specific group, but aim to treat PEOPLE how they should be treated! This isn’t about a flag, or anyone’s rights, or negating the past..this is about caring for, loving and giving to our future generations..if everything in the present is moving backwards in time, then how are we to teach our children that moving forward and being the change is where they should have their focus. I, for one, don’t appreciate being singled out because of where I came from or who did what a hundred or more years ago…and having it put on my head as a symbol of who I am. Everyone has a personal journey, personal beliefs, personal ideals…I was never a slave, nor have I ever owned a slave, nor do I plan to be or do that in the future..does that mean that it didn’t I change it, no…but I do have the ability to do things with respect to all PEOPLE..yes, we’re not just a color, or creed, or a religion, or a sexual preference, we are PEOPLE…it’s time to have respect for the future generations and put down our arms against those who had not one thing to do with the past! Move your world forward, move OUR world FORWARD…let’s start by promoting what is good, teaching what is good, living in the present…


3 thoughts on “Forward Thinking

  1. you are right, and very well said ๐Ÿ™‚ life’s too short to hate, it really is not that hard to promote and live a life of love and peace towards one another instead of promoting hate.

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