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She has a heart of gold,

stories her eyes have never told,

though they should have broken her,

to her they’re just a blur,

moments that she’s tucked away,

put a smile back on her face,

sometimes you just don’t get to choose,

sometimes the players play their ruse,

but she always stays the same,

never changes when they aim,

though it tears right through her skin,

she still opens up again,

picking up the shattered pieces,

those tears are her releases,

she doesn’t bow her head,

for she walks where angels tread,

she looks into the skies,

her face will always shine,

she built this heart of mine,

those trials never left her blind,

she’s been a survivor of war,

she’s flown shore to shore,

a child in her arms,

a heart she’s never harmed,

she taught me strength and courage,

she even learned a new language,

she’s held out her hand to grace, 

when the sadness was too hard to face,

those years have worn her down,

she wears that silver crown,

but still her wings are spread,

that halo on her head,

She means the world to me,

so many memories,

deeper than the sea,



the heart



Picture0043 Mama




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