Another Sip


She pours her soul into a glass,

another sip, this too shall pass, 

Winds of change blow through her mind,

no more chains or ropes to bind,

jagged edges all revealed,

brokenness can’t be concealed,

sorrow beats against her heart,

every dream torn apart,

nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,

an emptiness she can’t deny,

they say don’t ever give up hope,

but the truth is she’s let go,

don’t you hear it in her voice,

she’s already made the choice,

what they see just makes them blind,

what she’s lost, they’ll never find,

no more morning, no more night,  

no more death, no more life,

she insists upon the dark,

sitting staring at the stars,

once she held that very spark,

the sky has swallowed up her wars,

the battles thrown into the air,

she hears their whispers everywhere,

so she dims the fire within,

every piercing through her skin,

they will never see her bleed,

they will never feel her need,

through their eyes they never see,

she lives a life of, never be,

but theirs goes on despite the ruins,

hearts beating to so many tunes,

the drumming echoes in her ears,

but they’ll never see her tears,

she asks why she feels so deep,

when there’s nothing left to keep,

shallow streams that fill her sea,

of dreams that never come to be,

so she answers to the night,

questions from a starry sky,

but they will never hear the words,

feel the darkness that she hoards,

they think there’s a sparkle in her eyes,

but it’s only from the darkest skies,

she pours her soul into a glass,

another sip,

this too shall pass…



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