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No Fairytale Here


Mmm..when she whispers so close that her lips touch my skin,

the bites on my neck that always remain,

her fingertips trailing the bones of my face,

when she drowns in my eyes, it’s never erased,

when the passion has risen and she calls my name,

the sinew and muscles cannot be tamed,

the beat of her heart as I lay in her arms,

the calm in a storm that fills with the charm,

a sweet sideways smile that has found its way,

to the parts of me that will always stay,

but I walk to the edge,my spirit is called,

to the magical mysterious side of it all,

there’s never a doubt where my heart lays,

but the fire in her is only a flame,

in the shadows of love, love never named,

is where I will dance, where my soul plays,

she stares out the window, watching me sway to and fro,

but the memories grow fonder each time we let go,

a someday that neither will know,

slips off those lips as a new wind does blow,

others will fall and lay at her feet,

they all think that they have that seat,

but under her skin held in her heart,

there’s one she knows that will never part,

her search may all be in vain,

but she walks away again and again,  

I have severed the remnants, there is no more pain,

I loosen the bandage where I once bled then,

the scars are nothing I wear on my sleeve,

there’s no fairytale here

when you can’t believe…



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