Butch Femme · poetry

Until I’ve Kissed Her

I can feel our souls connect

though I haven’t touched your face,

like the curling smoke from a fire,

you are in every single place,

Like the shimmer

on the blades of grass,

I want to light upon your skin,

flutter like a butterfly

until you feel my fingertips,

If we only knew the roads to take,

if the dust would clear,

the sight of you

would make me quake,

I can feel you oh so near,

I would rush right into your arms,

you’d lift my face to taste your lips,

but the only light that warms me now,

is when I feel that bliss,

I can hear my words echoing,

as if your heart returns my call,

but my days are getting shorter,

will I find you before nightfall,

I know that you must exist

in every breath I breathe,

I search the eyes of everyone

to see if it’s you I see,

but I haven’t found the love or depth

to match what lies in me,

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve made you up,

but then the joy just increases,

when I know that you are reaching for me,

the longing never ceases,

I can feel your eyes upon me,

like draped silk in the winds,

I can touch the power of that love

each time that it begins,

I know that you are searching too,

worlds away but parallel,

I spread my wings and wish for you,

and somehow I know that you can tell,

I feel our spirits join and fly

so powerful this tender flight,

too good to feel so good,

as we both whisper…goodnight…

I’ll never stop this journey,

my tender feet may blister,

it may feel like an eternity

but I’ll walk a million miles…maybe til my heart won’t beat,

never being free



kissed her…

 this kiss


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