Her Suicide…

How lonely can this loneliness be,

how many times crying tears no one sees,

how dark can this darkness become,

how alone, how alone, how..alone

you say, please lift your head,

but don’t you see my sense is dead,

somewhere all the light has hid,

my numbness grows, I’m no one’s gift,

I curl in shadows to hide away, not much to say,

and no one knows how those thoughts play,

I was once whole, I walked my path,

but thorns and poison held me back,

you say to me, look what you have,

but it isn’t mine, not even half,

you say, just look ahead,

but to me the future is all but dead,

somedays I scream for my last breath,

though they think the pain subsides,

I’m tethered to so much hurt, it never ever dies,

each day I know the reaper bids,

to take a soul that always gives,

you hold my hand and say don’t give in,

but can’t you see the hell I’m drowning in,

all the words you read that I compose,

nothing but lost memories lay along the roads,

there’s no bread crumbs dropped to find my way,

flowers to soften the place where I lay,

bits and pieces of my life,

I wish they were a knife,

you say you see in me the hands of time,

but I watch it slip away, I’m blind,

too soft, too hard, too much to bear,

you whisper to me, just leave it there,

but it’s been there year after year,

the loneliness hangs in the air,

the rain brings down every tear,

the same old words, they love and care,

and I bided time, and now there’s so much gone,

and I’m alone..I’m alone..


alone…and now I’m… gone



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