Nothing To Bind Her

…and so she drifts away,

the wind behind her, 

her body lost in a sway,

nothing to bind her,

and yet she hears the chains,

the door of the cage,

she soothes that broken heart,

she feels its knives of pains,

and as she lights the sage,

she is torn apart,

she whispers words of love,

a sweet and sorrowed spell,

angels up above

underneath the stars,

as she casts those demons

back into hell,

the fire licks the air,

as she settles there,

heart and soul she poured

into that vessel,

without a single tear, and what for,

she watched her demons wrestle,

and then closed the door,

the night flickered in the flame,

she turned and it was

from where she came,

but she couldn’t pause,

footprints in the rain,

that trail of tears again,

back to now and then,

it was where she’d been,

a trail of broken links

a rusted hinge she closed,

the cage around her sinks,

vulnerable and exposed,

but time has inked her soul,

words of worlds untold,

and as she lifts her head,

releasing all that’s dead,

she feels her spirit free,

the underworld to see,

no more fate or destiny,

now she will always BE…

a smile across her lips,

she feels the fire,

the movement in her hips,

sways to her desire,

the wind of breaths

cool the tears,

the voice of love

is all she hears…


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