Changing Paths · respect

A Second Look


She smacked her lips one more time in the mirror,

shook her skirt down around her hips

slammed the door, just to make it clearer,

she wasn’t gonna be a side bitch,

she pushed her painted nails through her hair

and it tumbled down from its snare,

she never gave a sideways glance,

she only gave that one last chance,

she climbed the pole once again,

making them melt where they stand,

her beauty and her body rend,

by all the things she knew it meant,

she slipped behind the velvet curtain,

counted the bills just to be certain,

her stiletto heels never missed a beat,

she left it all, the grind and meet,

the music trailed behind her as she walked,

she never heard the birds as they squawked,

no more catcalls, no more sin,

she left behind where she’d been,

her long legs glistened under the moon,

she put down the money and rented a room,

that night she washed it all away,

she found herself in a better place,

molded strength like it was clay,

a sweeter smile upon her face,

no more orders, judgements gone,

she’d made her way because she was strong,

now she sits behind a book,

giving life a second look…



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