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From the ground the bones arise,

sinew and muscle and skin alive,

blood like wine touched by the air,

one more time finds you there,

soul that carries breath and thought,

spirit enters through the fight you fought,

an ocean seeped from your mother’s womb,

the pain forgotten, your eyes sweep the room,

innocence bound upon your brow,

you are your mother’s child now,

the shimmer of the autumn moon,

she lights the candles in the night,

words evoke your spirit’s light,

she sweetly holds you in the glow,

and watches quietly as you grow,

it seems as if just yesterday,

but you have found your own way,

children smiling on your hips,

blessings dripping from her lips,

for every good thing she does wish,

she touches their cheeks with a sweet kiss,

to the moon her heart does lift,

and back again, for her most precious gift…



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