An Empty Path


I walked down an empty path,

looked to the clouds for that silver lining,

in a place, a simple place, a simple love, where we began,

I sit watching the ripples as they’re singing their sweet sighing,

and maybe I fell but I found wings..to fly,

I had folded my heart up in a box,

somehow you bid me to open to every feeling I defied,

making me soar like the eagles, dive like the hawks,

until every fear and doubt fell aside,

those promises we made, they drift on this wind,

they kiss my eyes drying the tears,

and I dare myself to feel again,

you took all the pain,

burned me down with a flame that ever sears,

as you leaned into me,

that passion is something I’ll feel until the end of time,

how do you handle the memory,

of the love you’ll never be able to find…again,

I suppose it is the faith that lives on through the smoke,

the tugs you give my heart,

the healing that comes when your heart is broke,

when you tell me that someday we’ll never part,

that once in a lifetime can’t be destroyed,

every shadow that passes me by like a haunt,

you stand like a ghost, my only true joy,

the same old need, the same enchanting want,

as I unravel under the moon,

time flies away and still I dream,

every fairytale lay strewn,

the echoes off these mountains play in this stream,

the stars that fall all around me like a shower of wishes,

after all this time holding on,

how I remember the sweetest kisses,

I know what I believe in,

maybe the sun will burn my skin,

but another day, another morning,

will only lead to another night that the veil is thin,

and once again you’ll pass through my spirit without warning,

the heat is deep and your spark against this white fire,

my eyes close and I can feel your touch,

you will always be my strongest desire,

I love you…

this much

woman in smoke


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