Butch Femme · poetry

Her Knees Buckled


Her knees buckled beneath the stars,

nothing to hold her in,

she listened to the sweet song of guitars,

words that sang where she’d been,

she wrapped her arms around herself,

the feelings wracked her body,

no one ever saw how it felt,

what her heart and soul could embody,

the black velvet night around her like a cloak,

she spoke softly into the dark,

reminding herself what you wrote,

her spirit left her soul,

a flight it could only take on its own,

on fire with just a spark,

there was nowhere she called home but where she placed her hope,

there were dreams that dragged her there,

she held tight to that rope,

nothing made her more free, nothing made her more wild,

even in the calm there brewed a stormy sea,

churning with new and old that kept her heart beguiled,

no ocean, no sky could hold the depths and heights,

of how it poured like rain in the light of the mornings,

how it poured out of her like stars in all those midnights,

slipping back into her skin, she cared nothing about the warnings,

she hushed the fear,

she felt the heartbeat against her,

like the drums that beat in the song, she danced the dance,

no closure when there’s an eternal flame, no such thing as just one more chance…


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